Wind/Solar Powered Clothes Dryer

Objavljeno 22. nov. 2020
I made a Renewable energy powered clothes dryer but theres more to consider than you think....

I made this as I'm hosting "Pitch the Future" the Virtual event being run buy the Shell Eco Marathon team as normal events this year have been affected by the Pandemic.
Check out the Live pitches from student teams trying to solve real world problems and reduce Co2 emissions in 4 sectors here

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  • Now this is a very Low Tech approach to green energy but its always good to start simple and who knew about the washing machine door shape being so important lol. What other green projects would you like to see as this has got me thinking, Theres some great pitches from the teams with energy from falling rain aero efficient Traffic sequencing and different materials to improve batteries so hope this completion helps these things become a reality.

  • Another example of over engineering, meanwhile in mother Russia people use a washing line. Nasa Space pen Vs Russian pencil.

  • have you got any info on the solar panel and motor you used as I'm interested in doing something similar.

  • I could make one cheaper with less moving parts.

  • Isn't a wind/solar powered clothes dryer a clothesline?

  • You saying your just a plumber still cracks me up. You may not have been to school but your an engineer for real.

  • Is better a box of acrilic and dry for greenhouse effect And is fast..

  • What about grabbing the heating element from a toaster or hair dryer and adding it after the fan? But wouldn't all the heat get lost through the open door-less side? Use the original dryer drum and door!

  • This is a lot more exciting but less green than just sticking that wind turbine and solar panel straight into your grid.

  • Ah I see you are a man of culture, I also put the washing basket on my head, it has saved my life on more than 1 occassion.

  • Wouldn't it be greener to attach your wind turbine to your house so that when it is on you are collecting the power even if you don't want to dry your clothes.

  • Whoes now watching this knowing whats under that floor hehe

  • This is solar punk as hell, man. Gone from Wallace and gromit to dr Seuss.

  • They already make a wind/solar powered clothes dryer for much cheaper than this. Its called a clothesline.

  • Have we tried using an energy efficient normal tumble dryer of such a wind turbine , solar panel and battery like the ones used here? Might be a more broad and versatile application

  • I'm pretty sure there's there's episode where Mr Bean made something like this. (The cartoon one)

  • Terrible job, you'd have done better getting some heat from a steel plate inside a pinball machine style glass cover. Throwing crap together just makes crap.

  • How about a solar powered moonshine still 😂

  • It was not soundproof, Colin.. !o! 🐎

  • I love this guy but does anyone else get the impression that Phineas and Ferb was modeled after this guy?

  • Are their bugs

  • Wow

  • Should add another panel and add a heating element

  • Colin: impressed by the he way a dryer door is designed Also Colin: doesn’t even care that he’s just built a dryer

  • I'd love to see your monthly electric bill 😅

  • Colin can escape a max security prison with a spoon

  • All those time, energy, passion, ideas, knowledge, skills, and fund invested in this project achieved one great thing: To save the trouble for hanging clothes on the line. That again proved that Lazy people are the ones who push the world for more progress. Genius.

  • In australia we just have a "clothes line" which looks like a massive umbrella covered with string which you then hang your clothes over and you just use that instead of a dry out it works great and it's free

  • Random comment for the SLcd algorithm.

  • i would have one brushless motor put on to have power three wires ac to dc and battery so you would always have power

  • Mmmm Carbon reduction fresh!

  • Tell me again, why you didn't merely hang your damp clothes in a clothesline in the wind?

  • Do you still use this or not

  • If you had a creek you could just put the drum in the water wheel and the fan on a separate wheel then use the spare energy for upping the efficiency. Drying cloths with water.

  • This guy should make a giant hamster wheel

  • incredible you have to be an electric engineer, mechanical engineer, smart, and very your channel keep uploading we keep watching.

  • No matter what we do, the sun is non renewable and it will burn out someday

  • So you made an infirior washing line.

  • My grandmas solar/wind powered clothes dryer looks a bit different but ok

  • Shell as a sponsor is a seriously new low

  • he plays factorio irl, i like it

  • I think Colin can create renewable energy in his shed without any fancy lab equipment.

  • This man chose to make a wind powered dryer to lower the carbon footprint of his house but at the same time he has a light powered by a chainsaw

  • Wind and solar powered clothes dryer.... a length of 6mm cordage that is affixed at both ends to a tree or T placed in the ground and you hang clothes across the cordage, wind blows across them wicking out moisture that the sun has heated. ....

  • Colin, have you ever heard of a clothes line?

  • Just hang your wet clothes on a line outside like every grandmother done it and you safe yourself slot of time !!! A right I forgot you need special machines like your tea maker 🤣🤣

  • A clothesline

  • A Wind/Solar Powered Clothes Dryer is a clothes line suspended between two points raised above the ground and typically run through two pulleys. All the rest is just

  • The drum couldve been expanded by throwing a brick in it and get it spinning

  • It's funny watching these videos knowing that he has a secret tunnel being dug just beneath his feet as he makes this.

  • This is the longest video on how to make a "clothesline" I've ever seen.

  • Me just get a PV MPPT VFD ( Soler pump (PV Motor Inverter ) - Battery less setup and 16x LG NeON2 415W BiFacial (upto 540W BiFacial) Solar Panels LG415N2T-L5 to make a 800V (792V) PV DC Sting > MPPT VFD 6KW > 240V AC [1 phase - 3 Phase] > UK AC socket

  • I got an invention for drying clothes with sun and wind: THE ROPE

  • Wooooo, this was released on my birthday, didnt even realise.

  • Too bad no one has come up with some technology using a semi rigid material mounted substantially horizontal where you can lash your clothing items to facilitate drying of said items through solar contact and additionally added by periodic zephyrs.

  • i invented these things caused clothes line and clothes pins! 100% global climate warming change cult verified!

  • Isnt this all an oxymoron

  • the fings you learn

  • Far as I'm aware, and I haven't done the research and neither has Colin, that just tumbling clothes around does nothing. It blocks the wind from blowing over clothes, pulling them into it. All that moving air encourages water molecules to evaporate and leave the clothes even at whatever temperature it is outside. If you block that with a big drum and some sort of notional tumbling, you get nothing. It's much worse than a washing line. Ironically making this useless window-dressing. So you should probably win the competition. Buying a tumble dryer, trashing it, then deciding it's useless, that's certainly the spirit if not the letter of this nonsense. I think I'll go back to Colin digging his big hole, whoever sponsored that. It could be Satan himself and it still wouldn't be much worse than this one.

  • Ecological tinsel from a massive source of pollution. Like when they put solar panels on their petrol stations. Net saving, basically nowt. Petrol sold, absolute shitloads. Comes out of their PR budget and costs them basically nothing. American vehicles use something like twice the petrol that European ones use, and nobody is interested in doing something about that. Shell's entire business is digging oil out of the ground, refining it, and selling it. Renewable anything would cut into their profits. This is purely PR, "greenwash", and it's nonsense. Apart from that, I love to see inventions. But I wouldn't be surprised if Shell bought up the patents then burned them. At least paper is renewable.

  • How about eliminate fossil fuels

  • Wind powered Clothes dryer. How has no one thought of this before... If only someone invented this before now.. Don't be silly, only colin could think of this idea.

  • this is super awesome!

  • i have one too! its called a washing line?!

  • so a clothesline?

  • Drum needs some baffles to unclump the clothes!

  • My brother in law is a wind powered machine >.>

  • add solar thermal collector + a heat exchanger loop

  • 1:09 are those fungus?

  • The must have been the sunniest day ever in England You must build a rain powered dryer over there

  • line $9 clothespins $9 for 50 God's heat lamp and uv sterilizer and breeze $0

  • Wheres the washer furze

  • If you want to wash clothes, just wait for it to rain.

  • yep.. we only have 7 years left to live because it was 10 years according to greta.. on year 10 day 1 is when my lawsuit goes active and everything she scammed from idiots becomes mine.. gonna be a good day and since mine is 1st in line by benefit of being prerecorded.. and now, the waiting game

  • As you can see Natural gas is just the best option!

  • so you basically could have just built a roof for your drying line and it would work better than this? great invention xD

  • His neighbours when they see this:

  • No hate but you could use a clothed line

  • This still doesn't make up for that wood smoke powered lawnmower Colin...

  • I too dry my clothes with wind and solar only mine isn't as over engendered it's simply a string I hang em on

  • I would have expected a bike that would dry clothes w/ electric generators making heat and the drum would be the back wheel....

  • Two comments

  • For the algorithem and the envirement, I shall comment.....

  • Watching a new crazy design come to life .... Good. Reading everyone over analysis the idea in the comments.... Gold Pure gold.

  • I see bolts in the carpet along the wall... It must be a secret!

  • He will be the future rick and he will build crazy machines with his grandson

  • A wind powered clothes drying machine... You mean a washing line.

  • I enjoyed this but : "Reduce carbon emissions" said Colin furze *uses a bunch of heavy electric machines to make something he won't use much* But I think that you are very good an fun to watch

  • You still have to fold them after they are dry. You can't really catch consumer attention with that cloths dryer, is the problem. Too big, too slow, only works in summer, etc... I know you said to start small, i understand. It would a better ideal to save the consumer time AND carbon emissions. A better ideal is to just put the wet cloths on hangers on a special line in a special built "green house" for the cloths. This way the cloths need no folding, and when they are dry then you are done, just have the line travel them into your closet. You can have plants in the green house too, maybe it will add a nice smell to cloths too. And by having them on the line they will dry much faster because there is space between them. Plus the heat build up in the green house, and some air circulation will allow drying fast. Better yet, figure out how to design a closet that dries cloths, this way when they are dry you are done. They are already hanging there ready for you. Maybe extend your closet to include the mini special built green house, then when they are dry it automatically circulates the dry cloths in your closet, and is waiting for a new load to dry.

  • Colin, don't take sponsorships from Shell. Especially to help them greenwash. Come on man. You know better.

  • Paint the inside black as it faces the sun it will heat up much better.

  • Why are you shouting?

  • Needs to spin much faster if no heat I feel.

  • I just hang my clothes on the clothes line; cost $0.00

  • Perhaps you can simulate some exhaust fumes or some noise? Maybe add some fire? The calmness is unsettling.

  • Or you could just hang your clothes in your backyard and let it dry through the sun

  • Can you say reinvent the wheel?

  • what is your favorite tool!

  • One thing I have found over the last 40 years......even on a bright sunny day if you haven't got any wind you won't dry the clothes.........that is down in OZ .....and that does not apply to Summer when the air temperature at 35 deg C is enough to fry your balls off. I'm working on an idea to rotate the Hills clothes dryer, which is an OZ iconical device found in practically all OZ gardens......going solar and Green is for the birds.......just too much mess and bother and the cost....oh it will be an electric motor, mains connected etc and coal fired via the grid.

  • Hey Colin; How does it work now that it is July?