Weaponised Homemade Screwtank

Objavljeno 8. okt. 2020
Its Finished and what a Project........
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See How I built it
Making the Screws slcd.info/drink/video/sneE0cuvntjbzHQ
Chassis and drivetrain slcd.info/drink/video/lamSrNaF0bi8yWM
Hydraulics slcd.info/drink/video/0WeHvt2ZlsC7qKo
First Test slcd.info/drink/video/uat1tMdlxJrcn2c
Making it Float slcd.info/drink/video/kW-UnZxqx9LUq6o
Making The SEMI Auto Cannon slcd.info/drink/video/x3iS4Lip3q_WmKo

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  • There we have to Furze Screwtank, been a good project this, so what other vehicles projects would you like to see come out the Colin Furze Shed.......

    • A loong tank with caterpillar tracks.

    • Mabye a tank with tracks and a rotating turret...

    • hello is you user name on nitro type badkid_kayla

    • Would be super awesome if you were in megabot vs kuratas with that tank of yours?


  • Only you can prevent forest fires

  • how come a very accurate rocket launcher is legal when an apple cannon isn't ?

  • how wild fire 81 started

  • so gnarly.

  • The unbeatable nerf war weapon

  • Looks more like Ewan McGregor than Tony Hawk with age….. “Hello there!”

  • I really want to know what legal arrangements Colin has to go through for some of these projects, or does he just not bother? 😅

  • Kuli jawa

  • Can you make the giant emperor Dalek from Doctor Who?

  • Would be cool with a "rocket barrage" on the roof for the next firework thing

  • I think an underground mole vehicle is long overdue.

  • I have made the decision not to weaponize my screwtank.

  • Where do I get one

  • I love colin, but not his music

  • Me as an American using a drill press to fish an 80% AR15 lower

  • alright Colin dont use the flame... okkk never mind

  • Please make the ultimate band tour bus! 🤘🏼

  • Next video: With the screw tank to mc drive.

  • chimera tank fallout 3 flashbacks

  • Quiet kid when paintball match starts:

  • Is this legal?

  • I feel like we the USA would scoop this guy up like project paperclip and have him building UFOS in a secret underground lab somewhere near Vegas

  • Gun grabbers: second amendment will not help you against tanks anyway Colin Furze: hold my screw

  • An apple launcher is illegal, but the flamethrower is a-ok?!

  • This thing is so so cool with the rocket flamethrower Apple launcher on water and land

  • Easily the best thing you’ve ever made.

  • At 5:18 you can see wires that gide the missiles into the targets

  • 4:45 as someone living in california, this was a moment of pure hell

  • A screwtank sounds like something my uncle would have in his basement..

  • Living in Australia, I was sweating nervously when he used a flamethrower in a forest.

  • A potato cannon is seriously illegal there? LOL

  • Yet wg doesnt support its community...

  • Thid guy should work in the millitary arms industry.

  • Nice, all you need is a big front hatch for it so that you’re not exposed

  • ah yes zombie survival equipment, plants vs zombies need to up their game

  • What's with the crossout vehicle

  • This man is able to create tanks, hover bikes, weapons, anything that could be used in the military, in his backyard.

  • If you could make a hydraulic pogo trike I’d fly across the pond to cheer you on mate. Just message me for the schematics. 😉

  • Your apple cannon is only illegal outside the United States.

  • If you used lightweight plastic screens instead of full metal sheets, you could have armour without it being too heavy

  • I'm just waiting for *BREAKING NEWS* Local man starts a 1-man coup.

  • You got a loicense for that apple launcher mate? The entire world is a nanny state at this point.

  • Oye m8, ya need loicenses. 🖕😂

  • "Flame-tanks primed." C&C 3 Nod Flame Tank.

  • You can’t convince me that Colin isn’t Batman

  • this man just made an illegal weapon in his shed. the things he does for content

  • mi6 is 100% stalking this man

  • No wonder the Zombie apocalypse won't happen....what's the Zombies point when they all get rekt by some Englishman with a tank and a drunk Scottish Demolition man?

  • how about you take the screws off and put you a pair of legs on

  • ATF reads title *click* “I don’t think so”

  • Jo Colin, a flamethrower in a forest? Who thought that was a good idea?

  • How about you build the spider from the movie Wild Wild West!

  • you're the best form of delusional colin

  • Potato cannon, ILLEGAL. Flame thrower, oh that’s fine.

  • If this guy was in the army britain would be a superpower by now

  • damn he is ready for ww3

  • British: A butter knife is a deadly weapon! Colin: What about a Screwtank? British: Nahhh, that's cool

  • Make a helicopter

  • The uk government didn't even let Tom syndicate have a not a flame thrower but a weponised screw tank is a okay

  • You should make a screw tank camper like a screw tank RV

  • What would you do if in this situation? slcd.info/drink/video/t56b39GZl86ZmGM

  • USSR 1970) slcd.info/drink/video/u6B7r7VpyNvFvqo Take a look at this

  • You should try make a speedy tracked tank


  • Yeah the flamethrower in the forest made me nervous lol

  • Mas cara buat ini gimana aku mau dibuatin dong

  • I dunno how youtubers do it. If I built a tank and set a forest on fire, I'd go straight to prison.

  • You know, you could probably fix the whole floating situation with a ballast at the bottom. You just have to displace enough water to counteract any extra weight.

  • California: *wildfire from one tiny source* Colin:

  • You can get certification for potato cannons? Where?

  • am i the only one who think that this guy is a big kid?

  • The real question is..is this legal?? lol keep up the great content Colin

  • Awesome. Wild Wild West mechanical spider next

  • Always wondered how forest fires get started

  • You can't fight civid with that but worth a go love this guys videos

  • he outdid the Geneva convention with that flamethrower.

  • Well done, Colin

  • U was made a russian project

  • Somewhere in a Warehouse an lni handbook is exploding into flames.

  • Amazing as always 🙌🏻

  • YOU NEED A FRONT you could make the front a door like those weird tiny cars plus make a front for the tank

  • Needs some frontal armour! Looks great fun though 😂 great build

  • fake explosion from 5:37 to 5:39, there was a bomb inside the target DONT FAKE VIDEOS

  • fake explosion from 5:37 to 5:39, there was a bomb inside the target DONT FAKE VIDEOS

  • wow i love this i'd love that in the markets

  • Meanwhile here in America I built a potato gun strong enough to kill a deer and nobody says anything about it

  • 4:32 he's doing fire?.. IN A FOREST!?

  • add a piece of armor at the front that will also fold because you are going to be facing your targets to shoot so, you should have armor with a hinge so it can fold down so you can get inside.

  • WHOA!!! So cool.

  • genuine mad man

  • OH MY GOD the INVENTION Of NITRY TYOPE BYE COLIN FURAZEE!!!! he is FAMOUS for nitro typing daily!!! 25 hours day !!!

  • The British Version Of Hacksmith Industries

  • My hopes of someone building a bipedal tank have increased.

  • there’s only one man that can survive the apocalypse...

  • anyone here from nitro type

  • Mad as a march hare but an absolute bloody genius keep it up!

  • Try making a turret for the potato cannon

  • wow super, hope seeing a second tank it would be a doubly fun experience

  • Steam horse