The Triple Bath (with slide yo)

Objavljeno 10. sep. 2020
So I built my Kids invention idea............cheers dad.

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  • Can i get my child to be the next crazy inventer on the internet hehe, well first i thought i'd bring one of his ideas to life and hope this spurs him on. Was funny making it with him and getting him to weld, if you have kids get them to weld to its much easier lol. Thanks to Kids invent stuff go give them a subscribe as there only small. See you in the next one as the TANK IS NEARLY READY

    • Get him more often in your videos he is awesome and it looks likes he likes it and he helps you quiet well

    • sweet @Seth 😄😁 😁

    • So theres gonna be an Alexfurze channel in the future.

    • Did your child have a SLcd too.Cause i wanna subs

    • is it free to subscibe

  • Such a good dad

  • super

  • Such a lovely Family :)

  • "Are we ready to prank ya dad?" *Sets Colin's legs on fire*

  • When an 8 year old welds better than some of the clowns I've worked with.

  • This is getting out of hand now there’s two of them

  • You hadn't built a bath, as much as a triple tiered, human baster of dirty bath water.

  • Where does he put everything???

  • Brilliant stuff, you reckon your son is going to take after you Colin? At least he will know a good set of skills when he's older...loving the bunk baths though

  • Your one hell of a father Colin

  • you can tell that that is really his son.

  • Those two children have the barmiest dad in the world......and it"s brilliant.

  • and somehow they set water on fire

  • Bro your kid is going to be set for life with these skills at his age lol, Great Job Cheers :)

  • Roughhouse

  • a collab between colinfurze and Mark Rober is gonna be one hell of a video.

  • He is the best funniest father on the internet.... Btw my father is also a great inventer but we are not on the internet

  • is that dish soup?

  • Troy to build a tracrt tat can mov

  • U must be an awesome dad

  • The thumbnail is clickbait. BUT REAL!

  • Where’s mommy?

  • As I have pretty much the same thought process if you, my no.1 goal in life is to be a dad like you some time in the furure. Cheers!

  • At 0:12 I think his kids spine broke

  • @collinfurze looks like you have a junior inventer on your hands

  • Are you ready to prank your dad? Sets him on fire hahah

  • 1. We all need a colin furz in our life 2. It must be very interesting being his neighbour

  • big boy weld

  • That is amazing!!! I hope you put some guardrails on that middle section. It looks so fun but all I can see in my mind is a soapy kids losing their balance and falling forward.

  • You do all your cool stuff with subscribers and Patreon donations?! Oh, Wow!! By the way, is your secret name Einstein? Are you a genius? A mad (and happy) scientist? I know for sure your camera/film editor is! All wonderful! So much fun to watch!

  • does colin have a wife?

  • this is getting out of hand, now there's two of them!

  • I wish this guy was my dad lol

  • They are the exact same taking father like son to a whole new level

  • I would live to be his neighbor.

  • Kid knows hot weld better than some professional welders 😂

  • When did you find time to have KIDS?

  • What’s Conor mcgregor wife doing at your house Colin?

  • There’s no such thing as the best da….

  • It’s amazing that your teaching you kid to welld

  • you really need to show your child more. i love him. btw i'm planning to make your Corona Isolation Box myself. thank you for all the fun and inspirering me

  • I was waiting for him to say "... its not mine"

  • The kids will learn from doing this the brother and sister, so educated.☺️

  • so funny colin any more ideas?

  • wheres the wife/ girlfriend

  • I love how the kid is welding

  • It's kinda weird that 2.4 million people came here and watched children bath.

  • "It aint very safe" Proceeds to build a flame thrower in the top bathtub

  • Вы хороший изобретатель и заботливый отец

  • bro imagine having a dad as cool as this

  • You and minifurze make a great duo.

  • 2:02 colin furze outro well. legendary.

  • Omg furz is such a responsible parent

  • i wish i had dad like You

  • "We're all set. We know what we're doing. Let's go!" - This sentence is so unfamiliar to me that I thought he was joking.

  • 0:10 I though his neck snapped

  • Those kids dont know how lovely they are..

  • 5:02 lmao at the lyrics "petrify and paralyse my son" as Colin is building a dodgy-looking slide

  • This might be the most wholesome thing I've seen this year.

  • OMG! I need that heating system! Do you have a link to that item?

  • I can be unsafe too... I already am Chemical burns, silicosis, dislocated stuff, cut up arm among many other things

  • I might do it if I have money

  • Most kids his age can't even fry an egg, this kid... wow!

  • When Colin bathes he doesn't use soap- he uses sodium

  • Such a wasted talent. Shame you don’t make something a bit more useful and a little less wasteful.

  • Okay, this is adorable. This is ridiculously adorable watching you two build together. 😊❤

  • No way this is safe, and standing in it somehow seems worse.

  • Love the Carter reference by yer boy. And if it wasn't. It should have been....

  • would love to see a mini Furze on their first day in secondary school shop class and and they already know more than teacher

  • wheres mini furze's saiefty tie

  • It's a great invention for summer vacation

  • The version of Rick and Morty in our dimension 😂

  • Prized companies aren’t making these

  • 2:24 and 2:32

  • Want 1 colin thats wicked

  • I wasn't gonna click until i read "with slide yo"

  • If only everyone's childhood was like this the world would be a better place

  • 2057:making teleportation portal gun

  • Safety hazard? Nah the only hazard here is how much fun there having.

  • I actually know Collin 😂

  • not until i watched this video 3 times thinking the bunk bath would be unstable did i realise it was attached to that new swing pole

  • 8

  • Colin dad is crazy

  • Can you pls make a triple bed that turns into a triple couch

  • Damn I wish I had Colin furze as my dad

  • Slide or slice?


  • I’m not even a dad but I’m ashamed at how less of a dad I am than you. Top bloke 👍🏼

  • me watching this knowing my dad left me when I was born

  • Best one yet. Enjoy seeing your son welding. More kids should be allowed to build things outside or in the shed. Not just on a video game.

  • who also thought he was going to weld three bathtubs to ether and make a deep bath tub

  • He 100% bought that child

  • I wish my father had been rich smart and crazy too.

  • Neighbors aren't surprised anymore.

  • When your kids becomes adults and maybe wants to have kids together with a nice man og woman, i am sure they will tell their children how awesome their daddy is, when he creates lots of stuff and inventions to play with etc.

  • The kid is conformed to be O M E G A S M O R T

  • I want yummy cake

  • He's quite a good welder for such a young boy

  • You are so tired I see