The Highcycle - Social Distance Bike

Objavljeno 10. apr. 2020
I'm keeping 2m apart vertically to haha.
Stay Home Stay Safe Save the NHS

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Track 1 is called "Silent Treatment" by "St Peters Dream"

Track 2 is called "See you next Furzday" by "Plot 32"
Massive thanks to them for writing this for the channel, it will feature again for sure, go check out the band here.

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  • So much to talk about in this video, Deloreans ,massive bikes lol. Stay safe people and see you in the next video. Subscribe and join the #furzearmy

    • Njufgf4try4it

    • Just a quick question, how on earth do u stop at junctions for traffic?

    • U r the fucking best Ishmael Lloyd lol .

    • Howzit Can I ask a are you so smart and creative.....because Every time I try to build or invent something it goes you have a solution for this problem???????????

    • @Trụ hà it would not be cheap

  • Send it to Sam pilgrim see what he can do on it

  • i think this is one of those few times i would really recommend a helmet....

  • Never seen anyone be this irresponsibly responsible

  • I love these videos but the music is absolute rubbish

  • 6:24 Colin gets on the bike. Me thinking of MikeBoyd, learning the pennyfarthing. "Ohmygawdimon, ohmygawdimon, ohmygawdimon".

  • The knife belt would have worked too

  • Sorry the title is invalid it needs to be 12ft in order to be social distancing

  • really cool that you can see that the diging of the tunnel has already begun because of the carpet


  • You should sell these i would buy one

  • Used to have a nightmare that I was riding a bike like the second one you showed... I'd always fall off and get that falling sensation, you've captured the nightmare for me!!!

  • the style of this makes kinda blends in with 19th century ones in terms of proportions

  • Why can’t he use Kona bikes or something decent,..

  • Hey there Mr Furze. I only discovered you and your wonderful world today. I now have just realised that I would have been better off commenting on a more or most recent video but...ho hum. Anyway, thanks for sharing your videos, your world. Just thanks. Take care and all the best 🐿🙂

  • i fucking died at the horn tooooooooot at the beginning

  • I want the q to make a bike like that

  • Colin never ceases to get me a-chucklin'

  • Is his channel name a pun on conifer trees?

  • Colin is the type of person to end up on the news with his insane contraptions that are honestly just for fun

  • You are a nutcase, we love you!

  • me riding a grown up bike

  • I’ve never seen Collin so focused lol

  • I would love living on his block.

  • Awesome! Bicycle-->Bike, Hicycle-->????

  • you already know this was a shower thought

  • Next, I want to see you do a wheelie on one 😂

  • Looking back at this, a year and a half later, it's so weird to think that this was in April! It had barely begun at that time.

  • Going back and watching old videos after the tunnel vids and you can see the carpet on the side slanted up

  • I just realised that the welding face guard looks pretty badass

  • The DeLorean of bikes huh? Where do you keep the cocaine?😆

  • Dude , Take Some strong Medicine .You Are Too Much . All the best

  • Penny Farthing Bikes 2.0

  • 騎到沒有岩石的沙漠,要怎麼下車?

  • Can u give it to me for a few days to drive it across england.?

  • Watching this again after your appearance on Great British Menu!

  • Dudes got cameras everywhere

  • The Penny Farthing of 2020

  • 😂😂😂😀👍👍👍🙏🙏

  • distancing.....hmm... build a flycycle please, to pass the borders when airports are closed.

  • Just buy a penny farthing mate

  • Why do u have a red autorikshaw?

  • It hurt to wreck on that!

  • This bike is so punk rock!

  • Why dosent he wear a helment

  • What will he think of next

  • 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷projeckt by sefa kındır @sefa kındır

  • You should wear a helmet with that

  • make a skyscrapper bicycle

  • You could find a lot of this kind of bycycle in Indonesia. Even higher.

  • You are crazy, but in a nice way.

  • This is great but I wish he would wear his safety goggles more consistently.

  • What are the chances that you could build a 6 wheeled bicycle? Yes that's right, a bike with 6 wheels, but modeled after the already existing 3 wheeled unicycle. Stacking the wheels 3 high, one wheel drives the next which drives the next, no chains aloud. Just google 3 wheeled unicycle to help understand what I mean. It's something iv always dreamed of building but never knew where to even begin. Maybe you can do it!

  • My anxiety watching him ride the highcycle 📈📈

    • Why? He's the one riding it, not you?

  • Great to see folk using the ball of the foot rather than the instep!

    • What a fucking weird thing to say

  • This is brit that should have been aussie or what?

  • Where do you keep all of your past project Colin?

  • And here we are over a year later and COVID is alive and well and rampaging around most countries still... 😒 Thanks China

  • I'm fairly certain I'd just hang out in your bunker 18 hours a day. Probably a good thing I don't have one.

  • its like a different character from the grinch rides down the street on a bike every other day in your neighborhood lol

  • did you fall over

  • Where was your HELMET

  • How is thing so stable, and how does he have the balls to test this without a helmet?

  • How do you balance something that tall...

  • This looks genuinely fun!

  • That's so cute! Now make it electric with a front hub 48v brushless motor and a 1200w battery

  • How bo you get of it 😂

  • The reason that it is called the highcycle is because he was high when he made it


  • DAMN! it's been more than a year now!

  • 7:07 WTH

  • My dad: watch building videos Me: watching these building video My dad: ok fox this bike! Me: makes highcylce

  • you create some weird cool stuff

  • Double decker bike

  • Imagine seeing him on his bike coming down the road

  • not going to go that high, goes 2 meters high

  • omgg u was so surprised when it said 1 year ago ahhhh

  • *sees video* “Oh look at that, Colin made a new thing for quarantine” *notices it was uploaded a year ago* ~pain~

  • It may be easy to get on and ride but how do you get off???? Im asking for a friend. Definitely didn't make one and need to get off..... HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’d ride this with training wheels even if I had been riding it for 10 years

  • i wouldnt wanna fall of that

  • I dare you to do a wheelie

  • music is hateful

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  • each time a neighbour sees Colin outside they all call each other cuz somethings about to happen

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  • I feel the song is a subliminal message for the viewers ahahah

  • Who is this guy?!

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    • You keep hitting that middle button.

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  • The penny farthing-type bike for decent folk and not moustachioed irony milkers

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  • bike helmet...get your helmet on. keep u safe eh ❤

  • brilliant

  • sick ahh ahh emm [lame joke]

  • Definitely not from America

  • The best mentalist fabricator for sure. Thanks Colin!

  • You know quarantine sucks when the British inventor is bored

  • Try and wheelie it

  • Very stupid idea for this bicycle, and also Coronavirus is a scam.