SEMI AUTO POTATO CANNON for the Homemade Screw Tank

Objavljeno 9. jul. 2020
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If its going on my Screw Tank its got to be AWESOME.

See How I built it
Making the Screws
Chassis and drivetrain
and the land test
Water Test

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  • shoot a copper cylinder out of it and make a weapon of war

  • M67 "Zippo"

  • Jump to 9:35 to see a quality (muted) f-bomb by Colin

  • At first I was like thats a bit too much but after seeing the results it was definitely well worth the work. Very cool

  • Dude I wish I had your tools and shop..awesome build!

  • 海外版スシらーめんりくで草

  • 0:48.5 "You dont find flamethrowers on tanks..." M67 zippo and Matilda Frog "We bout to end this mans whole statement"

  • This reminds me of metal gear solid 3

  • Colin: You don't find flame throwers on tanks. Churchill Crocodile: Am I a joke to you?

  • You keep playing these bangin' tracks over the work I'm going to start thinking England actually has good music.

  • colinfurze or as I call this channel: cocain and power tools

  • The right to bear arms shall not be infringed


  • Is propane the optimal propellant for a potato cannon? I know a lot of backyard engineers use hairspray, when I was a kid we would just pour gasoline into an empty windex bottle, a few sprays of that did the trick. With your skills, you could probably rig up a fuel injector/atomizer contraption to a petrol tank. I would love to see a scientific study on the effect of different fuel sources.

  • Dang I wish you were my neighbor.

  • Youre Genius Xd

  • It needs more power strengthen the combustion chamber and add assistant that as liquid oxygen and liquid propane skip the plunk advance to kabang

  • Wonder how long it's gonna take before the authorities are up Colin's butt again? I would say he needs to move over here but we've seen our freedom is an illusion.

  • Don’t find flamethrowers on tanks Flammpanzer I a field variant of the German Panzer I used briefly during the war in North Africa Panzer II Flamm, a variant of the German Panzer II Ausf D/E. Flammpanzer 38, a variant of the Jagdpanzer 38(t) tank destroyer. Panzerkampfwagen B2 (F), a variant produced by the Germans based on captured French Char B1 tank chassis. Flammpanzer III Ausf. M/Panzer III (Fl), a variant of the German Panzer III Ausf. M. Sd.Kfz. 251/16 Flammpanzerwagen, a variant based on the Sd.Kfz. 251 series of half-tracks. StuG III (Flamm), a variant based on a variety of pre-Ausf F StuG III assault gun chassis. Italian Royal Army (Regio Esercito) Edit L3 Lf flame tank, a variant of the L3/35 tankette. L6 Lf flame tank, a variant of the L6/40 light tank. Imperial Japanese Army Edit Japanese Army Sōkō Sagyō Ki Armored Engineer Vehicle Models Bo, Ko, Otsu, Hei, Tei Flame tank model of Type 95 Ha-Go Tank. World War II Allied Edit Light Tank M3 ("Stuart") Edit An M3 Stuart, fitted with a flamethrower, attacks a Japanese bunker during the Bougainville Campaign (April 1944) M3 Satan: Modified conversion of M3 light tank with Canadian "Ronson" replacing main armament.[7] Medium Tank M4 (" Sherman") Edit An M4A3R5 USMC tank during the Battle of Iwo Jima (March 1945) M4 A2 with bow mounted E4-5 flamethrowers U.S.Army CWS-POA-H1 and H2 USMC M4 A3R5Mark-1 U.S.Army CWS-POA-H5 USMC M4 A3R8 with coaxial H1A-5A flamethrower U.S.Army M42-B1E9[8] M4 "Crocodile": four M4 tanks converted by British for US 2nd Armored Division in NW Europe with the same armored fuel trailer as used on Churchill Crocodile but the fuel line went over the hull. Sherman Badger: Canada's replacement of its Ram Badger, the Sherman Badger was a turretless M4A2 HVSS Sherman with Wasp IIC flamethrower in place of hull machine gun, developed sometime from 1945 to 1949. The 150 gallons at 250 psi was effective to 125 yards, with elevation of +30 to −10 degrees and traverse of 30 degrees left and 23 degrees right. This inspired the US T68.[9] Sherman Adder: A conversion kit to equip Sherman tanks, used in India on Sherman III and Sherman V Tank, Infantry, Mk IV "Churchill" Edit Churchill Crocodile flame tank Churchill Oke: Churchill Mk II with fixed "Ronson" flamethrower. Three were part of the 1942 Raid on Dieppe but were put out of action before the equipment was used. Churchill Crocodile: Churchill Mk VII equipped with a kit including an armored fuel trailer that used compressed nitrogen for pressure. The flamethrower replaced the hull machine gun leaving the main armament unaffected. Eight hundred conversion kits were produced. Operating under the organization of the 79th Armoured Division, as with other specialised vehicles, it was deployed following the 6 June 1944 Normandy landings in north-west Europe and in the Italian campaign. It could deliver eighty one-second bursts out to 120 yards (110 m) before refuelling. Tank, Infantry, Mk II, Matilda II Edit Matilda Frog (25): 25 Matilda II tanks converted to flame tanks by the Australians in late 1944. Matilda Murray: Australian improvement over the Frog, produced in 1945. Medium Tank T-34 Edit ОТ-34 (OT-34-76): created from various models of the T-34-76, had an internally mounted flame-thrower ATO-41 (ATO-42 later) replacing the hull machine gun. OT-34-85: created from the T-34-85, had an internally mounted flamethrower ATO-42 replacing the hull machine gun. Heavy Breakthrough Tank KV (Kliment Voroshilov) Edit KV-8: KV-1 fitted with the ATO-41 flame-thrower in the turret, beside a machine gun. In order to accommodate the new weapon, the 76.2mm gun was replaced with a smaller 45 mm Gun M1932, though it was disguised to look like the standard 76 mm. Light Tank T-26 Edit KhT-26 (OT-26): developed in 1933. Based on the twin-turreted T-26 mod. 1931 tank but using a single turret armed with a flamethrower, the second turret was removed. KhT-130 (OT-130): Flamethrower variant of model 1933, using a larger 45 mm gun turret (a gun was replaced with a flamethrower). KhT-133 (OT-133): Flamethrower variant of model 1939 (a gun was replaced with a flamethrower). KhT-134 (OT-134): Flamethrower variant of model 1939, with 45 mm gun. Other Edit Ram Badger: Canadian Ram cruiser tank adapted with flamethrower. LVT(A)-4 Ronson: (1944) With full tracks, some armor, and a turret, arguably the Landing Vehicle Tracked was a swimming light tank; this was a fire support version with M8 Howitzer Motor Carriage turret but the 75 mm howitzer replaced with the Canadian Ronson flamethrower. LVT-4(F) Sea Serpent: British version armed with flamethrowers, but unarmored. Wasp: not strictly a flame tank, the Universal Carrier (a small lightly armoured tracked personnel/equipment carrier) fitted with the Wasp flamethrower, a continued development of the Ronson by the Petroleum Warfare Department.[10] Literally flamethrowers on tanks

  • collin what is the tool called that welds the bolts on with a touch of a button i seen you use it in other videos ?

  • 11:06 Beast ^^

  • He has the only deadly weapon on the hole Island.

  • What type of gas did you used ⁉️😳


  • "You don't find flamerthrowers on tanks" M67 Flame Thrower Tank says otherwise.

  • colin will be that one guy we all go find like those scientist in the movies, about the end of world times lol

  • Think you might have some U.K firearms offences going on there hope you have checked out the legality of it and laws regarding legal power limits at very least

  • And this is why I want a 3rd story underground basement haha

  • I was like why havent I subscribed? Why haven't I joined the channel membership... So I did both

  • I swear this man can make the most harmless thing to a death mashian

  • Holy CRAP!!

  • The screwtank is the reason I’ve started watching your videos

  • Look colin I'm also British and I know how hard getting a gun is but the police would probably trust you with a gun

  • You should call it the poatatoinater

  • I would love to see a Colin and mythbusters collab some day

  • Gunner load the LV-MAPA (low velocity-minimal armour piercing apple)

  • 11:05 that scream of joy

  • scrap mechanic

  • if Keneth Branagh and Ewan McGregor had a child and he was raised by Flint (Cloudy with a chance of meetballs) you get this guy: Mr. Furze hahahahaha

  • You should put screens on the front and partially on the sides at the front just to keep things from hitting your face while you're in fields of long grass, dense forests or other places

  • I used to watch this guy when I was 5 but back then I forgot his channel name.Only 6 years later one of his videos was recommended to me, hense I am here now

  • Fred & George's mad muggle cousin.

  • That tie still terrifies me around the lathe

  • Is there anyway to get the machines

  • Link for purchase.

  • bingy bango, out goes potato.

  • "you can't find flamethrowers on tanks" BF5 one of the mods for the Sherman is a flamethrower.

  • When ur 90 years old ur still making things lol

  • Potato launcher spud gun from scrap mechanic coincidence or not

  • Potatos are yummy

  • “ON ITS WAY” *thump*

  • Where you put screw tank or other viecles

  • scrap mechanic be like:

  • 4:14 a beatboxing engineer

  • The last thing id be wearing when working on a lathe is a tie .. but good job

  • “Defense system”

  • he is just a wonderful big kid

  • What do you do with all the spare iron that can't be used

  • 0:48 , Actually there are/were tanks that were equipped with flamethrowers, there is the M67 flame Thrower and there is also M132 armoured FlameThrower tank. I know the Americans and Germans had flamethrower tanks during WWII as well. Just something cool I'd though I would mention.

  • I would reaaaally like to read his autobiography lol

  • So... When is your screw tank going into WoT? Would be hilarious to have screw tank only game

  • Белорусская кортошка

  • Спасибо белорусам за поддержку!

  • You can go to jail for such a potato cannon in Germany... This country sucks in so many ways lol

  • Great sponsor

  • let me show you its features..............oh

  • I was thinking pump action

  • We need hacksmith colinfurze mark rober collab

  • Now set the potato’s on fire

  • Is that headpiece from back to the future 3?

  • Okay, so the gas goes in, then there's a fan, and mixy mixy mixy, and then bang. How does it get fresh air to mix with the next charge of gas?

  • M67 zippo. you do in fact find flamethrowers on tanks.

  • 10:30 an apple a day keeps the doctor away

  • Cocaine is just dried Colin Furze sweat

  • oi oi, u got a loicense for that 12+ ft/lbs rifle?

  • APHE A Potato Hluacher

  • build something to cover you

  • You have unlocked so many levels!!!👽🍝🧊

  • 8:15 ahhahahah

  • It’s incredible how there’s such talented people out there who can do this type of stuff. God knows it ain’t me tho.

  • just another day in the British shed

  • Did you know your nitro type it’s a game the kids play at school it’s really fun you can look it up

  • Why did you scream after welding near the start of the video

  • Being from Lincolnshire, I can confirm this is what we do for entertainment.

  • next plum jam thrower

  • Rubber filled tennis balls

  • Oh flip he knew what I was tHink!ing

  • Real life rick!

  • Tanks definitely had flamethrowers in ww2. US used them extensively in pacific theatre.

  • I think the best thing about building your own tank, is there is NO way you don't know *exactly* what everything does.

  • This guy is so smart he makes me feel dumb and smart at the same time

  • How about a semi auto golf ball launcher?

  • me wanting to find this channel but dont know name: want i search: inventor british crazy youtube: do you mean colinfurze

  • Is it still semi? It is reloading

  • Oh Colin, they did have flamethrower tanks in WW2. But a potato gun might avoid a visit from the authorities

  • So basiclly its a potato garand

  • well you can find flame throwers on tanks you have been since 1944 on the m4 sherman tank

  • i like world of tank...

  • I think the killdozer finally met its match........ Wait no the killdozer is just cannon fodder for the screw tank

  • POTATO!!!!!!!!