Make a Motorised Drift Trike with Basic Tools

Objavljeno 2. apr. 2020
Looking for a cool project or something to do in lockdown well this is for you, 140cc of fun and only a handful of tools needed.

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  • This is the perfect starter project but what others would you like me to do.....Also get your colfurze sticker sheets so everything likes like a furze build Hope your all healthy and well

    • Can you make an electric one with no welder

    • This was awesome I would buy that off you for sure

    • Please colin buold and sell these machines, al buy one right now,

    • Sick

    • I will buy that how much bro

  • Who builds stuff in his garage with a shirt and tie.

  • how much can i buy this for

  • I should subscribe a brain like this 😁

  • Colin create something with a kayak

  • absolutely loved it, I am gonna make one fr myself now

  • I forgot he made this during the pandemic.

  • Truly invigorating

  •  ↩gogogo!

  • How can I buy this from you

  • Can I buy one

  • can you make Wallace and Gromit robotic trousers.

  • The music makes me want to kms nice trike

  • That is not safe, but it looks fun!

  • That looks fun I want a go

  • Basic my ass

  • Colin's out here living his best life.

  • Imagine he was your dad and for your 16th birthday he gave you this

  • So cool, I've seen several of your projects & gotta say I'm impressed. This one looks like too much fun! Might have to see about this my 10 year old twins would love it. Thanks for the idea, & take it easy.

  • what cc is that engine

  • I have that welder... The orange one... Can you please do a review

  • D2 mojo tires

  • Furz = Fart in german

  • You have mad skillz. Love the channel. This looks like a project for my sons and I.


  • How much for one if you make one for me. BTW I live in norway

  • How much u selling for

  • what kind of engine is it?

  • *Brilliant*

  • Build a quad without a welder

  • Make a speedway bike don’t care if you use basic tools or not it would be pretty hard with basic tools

  • Add Da Vinci Glider wings and EDF jet engines under wings 😋

  • Can u sell me one pls

  • What if kick botowski rides this bike?

  • Sir what is the sized of the wheels and what is the name for it reply as soon as possible sir thankyou and gid blessed

  • No helmet

  • from which you took the engine

  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • 150 squid for that rear axle, what a deal!

  • Where do you source engines like that one?

  • Can i buy the electric one

  • Ty so much for track 4 it's so goodddd

  • Music taste is fucking brilliant

  • You should make a really fast power wheels but keep it electric

  • cm or inches cos 35cm x 21cm is small

  • Colin, You put a kink in the exhaust which is a restriction and cuts down on your power...

  • Nice good idea its amazing bro thank you for sharing your video watching from philippines

  • Colion: "im a neat person!" Work Shop: suup

  • Q presio tienes tkenes enbios

  • says your work place mate 11:47

  • Ah yes, the Beer-em' X

  • looking through old Furze videos looking for evidence of his tunnel project

  • Or just buy a welder they are only about 100 bucks...

  • You need to make a crazy 2stroke 250 go kart or scooter 😁

  • So there's a tunnel in progress under that carpet already. Did you need to edit out some hollow floor sounds?

  • Add turbo

  • кто из России

  • I would love to see you build a 4x4 drift go cart

  • Colin: "I'm pretty neat..." Carpet: "am I a joke to you?"

  • Suspension would be killer

  • Will you give away something?

  • You’re like The Boring Company of the people 🤍

  • this guy is such a clown i love it xD

  • i am a neat person his drawing

  • Thank you Colin, very cool

  • Can you try make a lawnmower that you can sit on but it’s got drift tires use what ever tools you want but under £900

  • This man really is mechanical genius.

  • You should include the cost in your tutorial builds like this one

  • Imagine Colin as your DT teacher😂😂😂

  • It looks like so much fun!

  • A bike car?

  • cc trop cool

  • He the type of guy tu build minecraft redstone buildings irl

  • hey colin can you make mi something

  • Now make one without power tools! I have faith in you!

  • "Deja vu...."

  • #shibarmy love your channel

  • could you comment where you got the back wheels from?

  • I'd be good to see a big daddy of the drift trike. What about making a V8 trike that has the potential to be registered for road use?

  • Colin: I'm a neat person. I like to be neat Shed: why am I not very neat?

  • "Today I made an airplane out of rubber bands, coffee stirrers and hot glue".

  • I'm seriously wondering how the royal fuck can somebody acquire this skill set. I'm being serious.

  • What's that thing on the tyre ???

  • Tnx for inpirating i will go make 1 for me😄

  • 12:15 yo be careful, your going to offend someone. (P.S. this is a joke if you get salty about this, get over your self)

  • 3:54

  • Assassin's creed hidden blade With basic tools please please please

  • Can I have one

  • this guy is brilliant. well done keep inspiring

  • good night where are you located? do you have any for sale? or start someone you have for sale?

  • I like trikes

  • Nice Project 😨 wanna build one on my own. Btw "Furz" is German for "Fart" Greetings from Germany 🇩🇪

  • Good job

  • He reminds me of Jaime Lannister hahaha

  • what did u put over the wheels?

  • Круто😊👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Thank you Mr. Furze! You have helped me double my speed of construction. Even with 50 years of fabricating experience, I am slow (always trying to make it perfect). I have started using your brilliant methods of corner cutting mixed with my way only when necessary. You schooled a Grey Beard! Cheers!

  • How Much cc in the engine?

  • build an motorized skateboard! your awesome yo

  • What engine do you have there? 😁