Objavljeno 18. jun. 2020
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It tackles land but its needs to take on the water to......

See How I built it
Making the Screws slcd.info/drink/video/sneE0cuvntjbzHQ
Chassis and drivetrain slcd.info/drink/video/lamSrNaF0bi8yWM
Hydraulics slcd.info/drink/video/0WeHvt2ZlsC7qKo
and the land test slcd.info/drink/video/uat1tMdlxJrcn2c

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  • Really enjoying this project, sorry its taken awhile but you can see the work thats gone in to it, but next up we need FIRE POWER

    • Turn the screw tank into a submarine

    • @LesliePlayz so yeah we need fire to scare them off and burrow down under with those screw to hide no one won't see him and sneak up on enemy and blow a flame thrower on him that's right sasquatch i don't know why you got that edomite and nephileum name but sounds cool name tbough

    • @LesliePlayz be really cool to stop America's here meddling and now doing Versailles arms treaty here now like Wilson meddled in germany I'n ww1 about it then now republicans and Biden are doing it here in 2021


    • Try it in the ocean

  • No fish were brutally ground up in the making of this video. We hope.

  • #colinfurze

  • My son likes you show him the tunnel

  • Child: I will destroy you! i have power! normal pearant: Grounded Furze: Bring It! In the workshop with ya!

  • I wish I could work for this guy

  • wow

  • World of Tanks? More like World of Wanks.... I played the game once and that's what it is, wank....lol

  • I would have put plexiglass on the sides and front to prevent branches hitting me

  • Hey

  • and now let the tank fly

  • This is so cool imagine it's on top gear @The Grand tour @Jeremy Clarkson

  • 5:25 That moment Colin's son has better welds than I do..

  • The guys reduced the Russian auger all-terrain vehicle ZIL-29061 slcd.info/drink/video/s25in6-vq7eXu4g

  • Should make a replica world word 2 launcher patato cannon like I did 2 2by 6s hallow out use 2 screws hold wood together then add 2 bolts thru stock into in side pvc don't glue it yet bolts it then un bolt toggle switch in front battery in cavity and round edges of stock and put a side sight that folds cool project made it as a kid still got it and put a black star on back in a circle and paint ode green once done sand it paint put back use 2 Bolts to bolt in stock to spark it u could but 3 botls if u feel better u only need 2 and them 2 bolts regardless u put it tight to wood then leave 2 inches then 2 nut 2 washers and 2 nut on top for the 2 to spark and copper washers are best and u can cut em into any shape or design u want lights fuel better based off telsa

  • You should make a submarine next!

  • make the screw edge pointey slicey things bigerr so they stick farther into the ground for more trction

  • Bagulho doido

  • Poor fishies lol

  • Earth: Zombie apocolyps This guy: What a peice of cake

  • Can't believe one man designed this flawless working TANK

  • "a normal potato gun " XD XD XD

  • Excelente me gusta este invento

  • Тут есть русские

  • This is really kool found you googling russian screw drive wondering why they didn't pursue it? bargain!

  • Personally, I prefer the firetruck paintjob...

  • I would like to see stuff built that anyone could build. They don't have to be welders, mechanical engineers and so on all rolled into one. Grab a load of stuff from a scrapyard and put it together with nuts and bolts and such to make something that requires nothing more in your toolkit than a set of spanners and a drill and maybe a metal/wood saw.

  • Best guy Best videos ❤❤❤👍👍👏👏👏

  • Coool😁

  • Colin 2040: we are making a BOMB

  • you promote war as a game, fuck you, i was born in war, it's crap, kids, wake up, play another game

  • That vehicle is the right one for the zombie apocalypse.

  • Bruh I’m speechless

  • Almost looks like a ST shuttle

  • Cool project. Can you fill the screws with foam? Would that add any value?

  • Poggers for God

  • This probably 8 year old knows how to weld. Amazing dad

  • Who is Rick? Sounds stupid but not been following long

  • There is Tony Stark

  • Build a boat for treasure irl.

  • I miss "other colin" from the other videos lol

  • From Brazil 🇧🇷

  • Dude you are a genius

  • I wonder if you can make it dig holes into the grouns when in a firefight

  • i can't belive you let your kid do somethings that are DANGEROUS

  • I swear to god countries need to take notes of this. This thing was armed and Jesus was it powerful. Britain, take notes.

  • He's like the perfect dad😂

  • Most kids at school : We got a new dog! Colinfurze's kids at school: Our dad made a tank!

  • I would love to carry on your legacy

  • But can you make a car that can dig under ground?

  • That hull could have been aluminium, welded to brackets and then bolted to the frame. Yeah you love steel but bring the weight down once in a while, huh? Maybe the screws could be rigged up with a lower atmospheric pressure to bring the weight down and floatiness up.

  • I wants tank

  • The absurd pump certainly flow because oak microbiologically reply failing a parsimonious chain. classy, infamous land

  • Its like the finger screw from hill climb racing 😂

  • 한국 전남장흥농아인협회

  • Wow

  • Can you please make a lightning gun from just cause 4

  • And ofcourse you are better than scientists

  • Please make it faster please i want to see it go faster

  • Tell us about Rick!

  • Can you send me a screw tank that floats pls it’s near my birthday and I am gonna be 50

  • I watch Mamiks, he also tries, but why is this channel much better than Mamiks

  • the property violator 9000 attempts to violate water

  • Colin I've been watching u for like 4 or even 5 years and u literally have inspired me so much I have even picked my GCSEs and have started studying because one day I want to try do what you do

  • Very nice music this video Colin!!

  • your kid is funny i'm i wrong or wright

  • you are going to mess up your camora showing your self welding

  • cool you need to make a screw forwiller sorry if this is spled wrong i'm 10

  • No shrubs were harmed in the making of this video....just screwed up.

  • F urze A mphibious S crew T ank The F.A.S.T

  • Is there nothing this man can’t do?! Salute

  • Put a seat on

  • slcd.info/drink/video/sX-Qm7er083dyWc

  • Who else cam from jesse 👉👉👉👉👉

  • Very Nice Bro Keep It Up

  • I love your invensions

  • Put this in a war right now

  • Nice Dance

  • 8:19

  • 0:57 "Right then, lets go and make this tank float Colin, aye boy, aye...."

  • Why does he look like Gordon Ramsay

  • Я русский мне 12 и я смотрю, это топ

  • Use a potato gun to shoot in the tank and also cover everything with.metal

  • I wonder what a higher angle on the screws which would give more lift and larger augur blades would make it faster kinda like longer screw threads I think would increase ratio possibly and does the hydraulics over heat cuz the constant fluid flow it makes with the small oil reservoir it has without a electric cooling fan and cooler i didn't see one on there but it's awesome indeed there's about $6,000 in hydraulics on there a least 2 pumps and servos and the plumbing which he mostly used hard lines which is a must in all fixed line positions cuz hydros tend to jerk back and forth while running forward and backwards like this does during turns and what not but great engineered fine fabrication job the only thing I'd done different is deeper screws fins and higher pitch or angle from the tub to the screws for more ground clearance and larger diameter pipe that the screws fins are welded on which I know would make it float better and cover more ground and obstacles easier like 18 inch or 24inch pipe would work awesome like schedule 20 wall ID wouldn't be to heavy yet plenty sturdy to hold up plus that's also gonna give more of a pontoon effect as well

  • This and your bunker will be good for a zombie apocalypse

  • Well he wasn’t bored during quarantine😂

  • I like the videos and the music (love)😁😍🤩🤠🤓😷

  • You know what is freaking stupid? I have notifs on all, and im subbed, and ive got yt notifs on my phone, but guess what? Ive yet to get a single notif from here.

  • The military needs to make these but make them bigger and put some weapons on it your good

  • Colinfurze: Yea i made it with so much of effort USA ARMY: We want that man..... LAMAO

  • I wonder if he could make something like this but as a submersible

  • He should make these and sell them. I'd buy one.

  • He’s never right is he?

  • Imagine fighting for Furze riding an amphibious screw tank. #furzearmy

  • *Elon musk joined the chat*

  • Any one else think that was the doom theme there at the start for just a second

  • slcd.info/drink/video/261irqef07Ofu6o

  • Next make it fly

  • o filho do cara e a cara dele e deve ser tá o loco quanto o pai

  • I haven’t tuned in for a few years and A. How do you look younger AND B. Wtf is next 😂😂👌🏼