Objavljeno 11. feb. 2021
With Snow Falling on your request I converted the DRIFT TRIKE to the SKI TRIKE........

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  • Sheep enter screen *plays horse noises* 🤔

  • I want to see him take this on ice


  • L

  • Can. You. Make. A. Motorcycle. With. Spikes. On. The. Wheels

  • needs lil fenders for this action!

  • I´d like to see it on ice

  • Where can I buy the same endgine that you have

  • He should weld a cover for the wheels but only on the top

  • What if Colin made everything he has made into a wood version😂

  • 오~~~~

  • He scared all those poor horses :'(

  • kinda got a little bit more Furze... yes indeed.

  • Colin Furze snow mobile lol

  • Someone, somewhere has just noticed that is their old ski...

  • You need to make a ghost buster car

  • Dance moves phenomenal.

  • this is what you do for fun when you have a 170 IQ and a lot of free time.

  • You are so cool

  • Can you please do a tutorial on how to make the electric drift trike without a welder

  • Amphibious drift trike?

  • Colin please build a offroad truck

  • 4:07 trying to summon a demon at 3 am be like...

  • you should put tracks on it pls

  • The dance was cool

  • you should try and drive the drift trike on ice

  • 4:07 This looks like a scene from AHS.

  • So cool

  • Shepherd engineer lÖl

  • Laughed out loud for the snow dance!

  • You should call it the “STRIKE” Bc trike+ski=strike

  • This guy enjoys one of the rares honors of holding up to the title "master goblin engineering"

  • How about adding 2 more engines to the flying machine ? Really fly !!!

  • you should put off road tires on it

  • that's totally insane!

  • Here in this workshop We " furzer " your education ! 😎🇦🇺🇦🇺👏👏👍👍

  • man, I’ll tell you about Brazil🇧🇷, like many other people, I don’t understand anything you say, but your projects are incredible congratulations and continue like this always! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • I want to see the snow dance again

  • เเรงมากครับ

  • อยากได้

  • You should race one at Le Mans!

  • Colocar legenda em português porfavor

  • Snow dace moment

  • I was wondering why Colin was happy all the time-cause he's making a shit-ton of money off his videos. Good for you mate....if you find a way to get rich, why not?

  • Cool drift trike! Why did you make the ski point up though? It already has the curvature at the tip. Horizontal should be enough.

  • Slap a turbo and a jet along with the engine

  • Now put paddles on the wheels and go to the sand dunes

  • Does anyone else watch these for the music? Thank you Colin

  • Uma inspiração de vida

  • Taxes now has a solution to their snow prblem

  • maybe something a peddle snow mobile without a motor or making a Moped motorcycle into a snow mobile

  • You should put blades on the ski and take it to a frozen lake and go ice racing

  • Please take this to somewhere where you can actually drive on ONLY snow, not a slight layer :D

  • can you make a hyper high pressure washing machine ? no need to have soap, just a wall of jets and clean all the dirt in seconds

  • 4:06

  • Please could you tell me what mate and model is your profile cutting machine

  • Whenever I watch his videos half of me thinks "damn, if I had all that equipment I could build cool shit, too" and the other half thinks "yea right you don't even know the name of 3/4s of those machines, let alone what they even do or how to use them- you'd cut a finger off 2 minutes after you turned it on- if you could even do that!" me #2 is probably the right me, but well never know🤷

  • Dope

  • The trike is impressive. The most impressive thing here; Colin refuses to bow to the safety Nazis and wear approved safety gear.

  • New idea use the stawars flyer in a previous episode amd swap the wheels for skis

  • Hi ! I was a drummer and always needed to some day maybe see a flying drum. Is that possible ?

  • Make a 360 swing that spins

  • This is how golf courses should be aerated

  • Next time it snows try them spikes on the front ski on the back

  • where does he get those ideas?

  • Luckily you didn't blend your leg up when you fell off the back.

  • Hey Colin do you know if you can use gokart rear wheels on a motorised drift trike or can you only use front gokart wheels?

  • 4:07 colin are you ok?

  • or make it flote

  • There’s one way to air rate your lawn

  • Make a mini motor bike

  • This is a serious comment and not a troll......can you explain why some parts are 3D printed and others are, well, cut out or plasma cut. I really want a good explanation and (like my brother) you are a plumber so I feel you can bring it down to earth without over explaining it.

  • You should make a bunkbed that can go up and down like an elevator

  • sheep: oh wow this thing looks cool and human looks friendly. Colin: starts up trike ski sheep: oh sh!t we were wrong, RETREAT, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!.

  • Colin sorry but I need me skis back

  • awesome!

  • ...Skid-doo....

  • Great videos. Keep up the great work.

  • I just commented on your newest video but could you please make a badass electric bike ??

  • 4:06 that dance 😂😂😂

  • vGhislaine Maxwell

  • I purposely don't watch a bunch of colin's vids so that I can binge watch them later lmao

  • Imagine being his neighbor and seeing this crazy invention with a ski you throwed away 10 years ago xD bloody respecp

  • You are one of the only youtubers where you say “it’s really quite simple” And it’s actually simple

  • Where do you buy the 2 stroke 125 pit bike engines?

  • How do you make all this stuff

  • I needed THIS when I still lived in Canada!!

  • Colin you look like that famous painter here: 6:36

  • Ku*wa moje pole

  • still good content wow

  • Easily the best channel on SLcd if not ... life! Keep it up you wonderful human 😄👍👔

  • You are a mad man. an awesome mad man!

  • Mister Furze, bolt a 3/4 snowboard to the forker. Screws only 1/2 inch longer. Wax that wanker!!! And have so much fun! This was me not watching the full vid. I'm sorry bub!

  • the spikes looked like a mixture of mad max meeting saw meeting hell raiser meet resident evil

  • Что бл я незнаю английский но очень интересно 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Excellent music as always. Is punk+brass=always ska or is there more nuance

  • Is it me..... Or should Colin Furza AND MasterMilo82 do something together? (For those that don't know, Milo is a Dutch/German guy who has made crazy inventions and such, like the RollGolf and other insane stuff)

  • I don't know what it is but trike drifting is one of the most fun things that you can do! Used to have an ATC 70 trike with a big engine in it and regret selling it!

  • When you think about it it’s a ski doo with one ski and two tracks

  • Is no one gonna talk about how he put horse sound effects over some sheep