Objavljeno 15. jul. 2021
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Its all Steel n Concrete , Subscribe its a hell of a project.

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  • Loads More to do but this Is my best project i think, so glad you've all enjoyed it and see you in the next instalments, Subscribe so you don't miss a thing.

    • Waiting for next part please upload brother

    • Did you die? It has been a while and I don't want to have to go dig my own hole to make up for the hole I feel inside right now.

    • You're my hero furze!

    • Love your work

    • slcd.info/drink/video/t6B729Cb27qnnYw Skip to 19:09 (or watch it all - it’s pretty interesting) - Anyway…I’d love to see yours 🤣

  • I cant take it anymore can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE upload the next part of the tunnel dig??? Or at least let us know when it will get uploaded. The first 4 parts were weekly but its been over 2 weeks since the last one and the suspense now is killing me. 🤣

  • Has the Bank of England contacted you yet?

  • rick from rick and morty whould just do this in 5 minuts

  • being colin furzes son or being mark robers neices and nephews you know your into a good life

  • Im always checking your channel hahaha

  • When is the part 5 ??

  • When come new one i look foward for it

  • we want to see the dig

  • Og people only remember going through the car wash with no windows

  • All that iron and concrete costs so much.

  • yous a mask wen digging

  • Is it rainproof in this summer?

  • this man fears no radon

  • Part 5?

  • Just FYI I'd be using galvanised steel for that if I were you.. I work underground, even galv will start to rust away within a decade or 2 depending on how wet it is there and the salinity of the ground

  • this guy is ready for zombie apologise😆

  • Charchole concreate

  • Hdpe or pvc fan s clorine cubes and iodine a/c 20celcuis

  • D pump 24il L ends water tube t top water t top valve waights L ends

  • What is the avg temperature of a tunnel like that?

  • 4.4 million views and Collin still thinks it's a "Secret Tunnel"!

  • Don’t you think Colin, that your neighbors will just think that the noise is just you being you?

  • 7:38 best sentence ive heard this yeah

  • The cucumber chopper belt was cool but extremely dangerous

  • Soo what happens if u ever sell the house are u gonna tell the people buying 🤔🤔🤔

  • *WORLD WAR 3 STARTS* Colin: :) Me: fear

  • Funny cause most people think your doing it for fun.

  • Just Seen Colin On Channel 5 About the Wall Of Death! 🤣

  • I play minecraft, this intro is the best!!! 😆😄😄😄

  • so cool

  • Yeah .... first time im regulary checking a channel for latest video.....just saying

  • Are you okay? How is your tunnel progressing?

  • Greetings from the viewer from Poland. Good luck with your project, Colin.

  • Gave up trying to add up the cost of all that steel in my head and am just hanging on for the wild ride! Amazing. Wish I could do the same but here the water table seems to be only 18” below my foundation.

  • 2 Wochen schon kein Video 🤯🧐🤨😳

  • Collin's next episode from the seemingly random "shed upgrades" series: how to build a concrete pump with ordinary house items...

  • How many metallic foreign objects have entered your cornea? You use hearing protection, but no eye protection whatsoever except when welding. Protect yourself and even more importantly, help protecting those who watch by setting a good example of safety. I can't even count anymore how many patients I have seen over the years with metallic slivers, particles and more in their cornea, iris, retina....

  • Part 5?

  • Sometimes I think my studio isn't ventilated good enough - - - - "welcome back everyone, tofay we'll continue welding in an underground cave"

  • part 5 ?

  • Part 5 please soon 🤞🤞🤞

  • 12 Foot underground and you need insulation in your floor? Put that on your roof not your floor.

  • When’s the new video out??????

  • F I R E W O R K S ?

  • Colins furze u should build this. youtube.com/shorts/gpzekfx_gzA?feature=share like everyone if u think Colin furze should build this.

  • This is something... and the bunker I have always dreamed of doing...I always thought, how hard could it be! Thanks for actually accomplishing because this is way more work than I could have imagined. Thanks for living my dream and sharing :)

  • You should make a video about building a log ride

  • Hii, I would give the Metall a coat for anti- corrosion. Like bitum so water can get inside.

  • Looking forward to #5 love the opening song. Def the coolest series on SLcd. ❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️🌻🌻

  • Wouldn't last long. Not practical without metal rod n concrete!

    • @Freedom Fighter steel exposure to oxygen n water will corrode quickly. Steel is place outside not inside! Cement alone will not hold weight n can crack with temperature variation n weight!

    • Lol won't last long? Not practical? It's concrete encased in steel. It's extremely practical and it will last very long. You clearly don't understand the relationship between steel supports and concrete.

  • I cant get over moving rock with those ikea laundry baskets or what ever they are :DD

  • Bet it’s going to be those things in Minecraft you can use to go somewhere fasters but never use it

  • colin is like a masterbuilder from the lego movie but irl

  • Imagine he finds a dinosaur skeleton…..government will declare it an archeological site and will ask him to move out 😆😜

  • El Chapo jr

  • Where is the next installment? Need it

  • Part5?

  • I'm hanging out for the next video............................................. running out of things to do waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wheres the next one, cant wait to see it :D

  • Part5

  • Self-loading Gatling crossbow

  • thats commitment. It really is amazing how much time and energy he's going to put into for that moment in life when you show somebody and they go OH A SECRET TUNNEL .

  • Any updates on when the next video is coming out?

  • After watching Greenland I think this guy is safe

  • How did the concrete go all the way to the far end?

  • When are the new video coming

  • just had another idea. if he ever gets bored with it he can fill it with water and go spelunking? that or put in hydro?

  • Make it faster hahahaha

  • Pucha tagalllll

  • Looking good Colin. Love the music too, 'Look Mum, no computer', me produces some good tunes! Looking forward to seeing it finished, you must be shattered!

  • Wonderful and bonkers, but mostly wonderful

  • if england now has a shortage of steel blame colin!!!! lol. genuinley curious as to the total weight of steel used so far?

  • What are the benefits of backfilling with concrete?

    • @Freedom FighterThanks, good to know.

    • Steel left on it's own in that damp underground environment would rust very rapidly. Encasing the steel I concrete keeps it moisture free or at least controlled which extends the life plus it strengthens the whole structure and helps with sound and insulation. Very crucial step.

  • Secret tunnel in SLcd

  • When is the next part of out can't wait

  • How much even is your electric bill?!

  • Hey i bin watchin your channel sence you started i have an idea tht i want to see you try a quadcopter like the huver bike but with 4 motors and 2 gose in one direction the other opposite please put this idea that im giving you in your video please it would look like a gas powered drone for men

  • How about planning

  • Oy, Colin! When is the next one coming ? I keep looking everyday!!!

  • Where’s part 5?

  • This is insane. When he put the 1st steel panels in as a ceiling, I though, well that's alright aint it? And then he adds another layer of steel AND concrete....

  • POST

  • whats gonna happen when you want to move out?

  • The neighbours must be extatic also.

  • Amazing. Just discovered your channel, no idea how it took this long. Easiest subscribe smash ever

  • I think collin knows something we dont, He’s preparing for the apocalypse while we enjoy watching his preparation

  • how many time do u think Collin swore off camera during this

  • Good work. Best regards from germany

  • When is next video comming!? ☺️???

  • When is part 5 😫! 😊

  • You just made the perfect tutorial for a serial killer or a pedo to hide things or people...

    • This is the "A Tribute to Joseph Fritzl" Video Series :D

  • 1st : hope the vaca is going well, 2nd miss your videos already so I am watching old furze. Which brings me to 3 , your carvay gave me a thought on an Air Conditioned Bed. Something a bit wonky for ya from your own words. Much Love

  • I felt happy when I managed to dig a four foot hole in the sand last time I was at the beach. Now I feel inadequate.

  • Hi Colin Build please A Rapid Fire Wheel gun in real size show this video slcd.info/drink/video/0G2Al8iOubOu33Q

  • WHY NOT GET A JCB in..dig the whole lot out in a day ..build your bunker and backfill..and of course find a day when the neighbours are out

  • Thanks Tom! Don't forget to follow me on instagram :-) :-)

  • Part 5 please!!!

  • he can probably break bedrock in minecraft